About HU

Hokkaido University is one of the seven “former Imperial universities” in Japan.

Hokkaido University is situated right in the heart of cosmopolitan Sapporo, Japan`s 5th largest city of 1.9 million inhabitants. Experience the color and ambience of the four seasons in a campus renowned for its natural beauty. Established for over 135 years, Hokkaido University boasts cutting edge research facilities supporting the best and brightest scholars in the widest range of fields.  


Hokkaido aims to create one of the world's top health science and medical industry clusters, backed by strong industry-academia-government alliances.

Hokkaido is a land awash in natural beauty. With soaring mountain ranges, clear caldera lakes and natural hot springs, the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago is renowned not only as a popular destination for summer visitors in search of cooler, alpine climes, but also as a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Owing to its vast stretches of fertile arable land and abundant marine life, Hokkaido prefecture ranks first in the nation in the production of a wide array of fresh dairy, agricultural and seafood products.

Only recently have industry, academia and government bodies joined forces to begin tapping the potential of Hokkaido's natural resources in earnest, with the first wave of industrial cluster activities mobilized in 1998 as a means of invigorating the regional economy. Larger-scale collaborations are currently underway, focusing on biotechnology R&D, translational research and drug discovery, with the overarching goal of creating a new health science and medical care industry cluster in Hokkaido within a decade.