Hokkaido University Frontier Foundation
Hokkaido University Future Investment Program

To Hokkaido University Alumni

Ever since it was founded in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College, Hokkaido University has continued its unremitting effort to foster individuals who can act on their own initiative by upholding its four education and research principles:

Frontier Spirit, Global Perspectives, All-round Education, and Practical Learning. These principles have their origins in ideals proposed by Dr. William S. Clark, the first Vice President of Sapporo Agricultural College, namely lofty ambition, equality and freedom, the development of a spirit of independence and an autonomous identity, and the development of field-oriented applied skills.

To provide an opportunity for Hokkaido University alumni to support current students, we established a Future Investment Program as part of the Hokkaido University Frontier Foundation in April 2018. Specifically, the program aims to help foster the next generation of global leaders and prepare through basic research an environment ideal for performing world-leading, cutting-edge research.

This program, run by donations from alumni, allows donors to specify the purpose for which their donations should be spent and supports students working their way through university, those who want to study overseas, and also provides support to certain research programs and student extracurricular activities.

You will receive reports on the use of donations and students’ words of gratitude via the university website and other mediums.

As we strive to remain a university that flourishes with a spirit of independence and autonomy, working to address global challenges and contribute to the betterment of all mankind, we ask for the kind support of our alumni members.

The four giving categories

The Hokkaido University Future Investment Program has four categories.

You may specify the program, fund or initiative you want to support.

1Scholarships (grant-type)

Scholarships (grant-type)

In this category, donations will be used to support students who have clear goals and plans to study at Hokkaido University but are reluctant to enroll or continue their studies due to financial difficulties. Since these are grant-type scholarships, repayment is not required.

  • Enrollment Support Scholarship
    Scholarship support for prospective students after entering Hokkaido University.
  • Study Continuation Support Scholarship
    Emergency fund support to ensure Hokkaido University students will not have to give up their studies due to unforeseen circumstances.

2Overseas Study and Internship Fund

Overseas Study and Internship Fund

In this category, donations will be used to foster globally minded people by offering travel allowances and other expenses for overseas study or to train bright students with clear goals.

  • Support dispatches to overseas partner institutions and other universities as well as participation in overseas language training
  • Support for short-term overseas study, training and international internships, etc.

3Extracurricular Activity Support Fund

Extracurricular Activity Support Fund

In this category, donations will be used to enhance extracurricular activities, such as improving facilities and club activities for all Hokkaido University students.

  • Support for sports and cultural clubs (club names can be specified here)
  • Support for improving the Student Center for Extracurricular Activities, gym and athletic field, etc.

4Purpose-specified Fund

Purpose-specified Fund

In this category, donors can specify the department, research field or initiative for which their donations should be spent.

  • Support for certain departments
  • Support for certain research fields, etc.

How to donate

The following credit cards are accepted for online payment.



1Fill out the Web application form.

2Confirm the information you have entered, then click the "Input confirmation" button.

3Enter your credit card information and click the "Make a donation" button.

4That completes the procedure. (A completion notice will be sent to your e-mail address.).

5We will forward you a transaction receipt.

Issuance of receipts

A receipt will be issued on the day when the credit card company transfers the money to Hokkaido University. Therefore, it may take about two or three months from the time of application to the issuance of the receipt.

Thank you for your support

As a token of our gratitude, depending on the size of the donation, a variety of benefits are also available to donors and their contributions will be recorded on commemorative plaques and in PR magazines and other information materials.

Recognition of donors to express our gratitude

Inclusion of donor names on commemorative plaques

The names of individuals who have donated a total of 200,000 yen or more can be inscribed on commemorative plaques by request. These plaques are displayed on the walls of the first and second floors of the historic Hokkaido University Museum.


Invitation to a gathering with Hokkaido University Presidents and Executives

Those who have donated 200,000 yen or more within a certain period of time are also invited to a social gathering where the activities of recipients and the utilization status of the funds are reported.


You will be offered a Hokkaido University calendar, etc.

Those who have donated a total of 20,000 yen or more receive a desktop calendar with their name printed on it.


Voices of gratitude

Interactions within a different culture provided a great learning experience to develop my future self.

Ms. Nana Yoneya

Thanks to a scholarship, I could experience both short- and long-term overseas study programs. For the short-term overseas study program, I visited Finland and Estonia for about two weeks, where I was highly impressed by the accounts of Japanese people working there. It was my first time to go overseas and every day was an unforgettable experience. Studying English literature with local students in the UK, which was my long-term overseas study program destination, was more difficult than I had imagined, but by focusing on what I could do every day, I could also enjoy it and grew mentally stronger. My encounters with other people studying abroad also enriched me. I met people of various nationalities whom I would never have met in Japan, and by talking to them, I was able to learn about a lot of unknown worlds.

Thanks to the support of the scholarship, I have been able to connect with so many wonderful people and to learn so much for my future life.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who supported me.

Ms. Nana Yoneya (School of Humanities and Human Sciences)

I simultaneously realized the high medical standards that are maintained in Asian countries and how remarkable the universal insurance system in Japan is.

Mr. Kentaro Iwami

I participated in an international internship and studied at a hospital jointly run by several companies in Bangalore, India.

During this internship, I actually attended patient examinations and surgical interventions and was instructed by clinicians in English about cases while looking at the patient findings. I also had opportunities to ask questions and discuss medicine in English, which helped me acquire medical English skills.

Advanced medicine in India and other Asian countries gives me the impression that I would be left behind the world unless I learn English as well as advanced diagnostic and treatment skills. The experience of medical care overseas also made me realize how valuable the Japanese universal insurance system is, thanks to which life is not affected by money.

I would like to work with this in mind as a doctor in the future.

I wish to extend my gratitude to all of you for your support and contribution that made my international internship possible.

Mr. Kentaro Iwami (School of Medicine)

We will continue to cherish our tradition dating back to the foundation of the club in 1901 and the founding spirit of the university.

Japanese archery club

Thank you for your understanding and contribution to our club activities.

Since its foundation in 1901, our Japanese archery club has been practicing every day keeping the founding spirit of the university as our club policy.

Thanks to your kindness, we have been able to obtain the necessary items for training, including targets.We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

We will do our best to improve our skills. Thank you for your continued support. If you are also interested in assisting any other clubs, any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Japanese archery club