Garden Map

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Learn Plants

Alpine plants of Hokkaido Alpine Plants Rock Garden
Alpine plants of North America Canadian Rock Garden
Landscape of Sapporo
before the urban development
Natural Woodland
Old rose cultivars and wild Japanese rose Rose Garden
Herbs commonly found in Hokkaido Herbaceous Plants Garden
Plants used by northern peoples
of East Asia
Northern Peoples
Ethnobotanical Garden
Lilacs from Asia and Europe Lilac Avenue
Shrubs of Hokkaido Shrub Garden
Tropical/subtropical plants Greenhouse


Learn Natural History and History

Animals of Hokkaido and the vicinities

Extinct animals of Hokkaido
Hokkaido Colonization Commission
in the late 19th century
Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
and sled dogs
Pit dwellings of Satsumon culture Remains of Pit Dwellings
The first director Prof. Miyabe Kingo Miyabe Kingo Memorial Building


Learn Northern Peoples

Culture of northern peoples
of East Asia
Northern Peoples Museum
Plants used by northern peoples
of East Asia
Northern Peoples
Ethnobotanical Garden
Former residence of an Ainu-language
researcher John Batchelor
Batchelor Memorial Building
(only be viewed from the exterior)


Learn Cultural Assets

Buildings of the Meiji and Taisho periods
(Important Cultural Properties,
Registered Tangible Cultural Properties)
Cultural Properties,
Batchelor Memorial Building,
Miyabe Kingo Memorial Building
Ainu dugout canoe
(Important Tangible Folk-cultural Property)
Northern Peoples Museum


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Botanic Garden, Hokkaido University
North3, West8, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-0003, Japan
TEL:011-221-0066 FAX:011-221-0664 hubg(at)fsc.hokudai.ac.jp